Nice to meet you. My name is James, and I love building things on the internet, mobile apps, woodworking, or even making Mead. I love a challenge and finding simple solutions to complex problems. For instance, my favorite story is from when I was a junior engineer. I created a bi-directional sync between two source control systems that allowed us to migrate from BitKeeper to TFS one team at a time without downtime, something the senior engineers at Microsoft said could not be done.

Working for startups and starting my own, I have had to learn many concepts outside of just Software Engineering. Not shying from a challenge or having to learn new concepts, I learned other concepts outside of engineering, such as UX/UI design, Project Management, and how to balance the needs of the business with what engineers want to do. I can also be a great devil's advocate or a voice for the users, giving another perspective to a problem.

Outside of working on my freelance business, I enjoy doing DIY projects around the house, woodworking, camping, fishing, brewing Mead, and, more importantly, spending time with my family.

The aspect of freelancing I enjoy is helping others with their business so that they can succeed.

Need help solving a problem, even minor issues can become big problems, or need help building something ambitious?

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No matter how small or ambitious the project is, or even if you have a question, don't hesitate to send me a message.

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